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Hayes Urges Voters to Give Jackson "A Breathalyzer"

Press Release

Location: Chicago, IL

Republican Nominee for Illinois 2nd Congressional District Isaac Hayes released the following statement in response to today's September Jobs Report that unemployment remains at 9.6%.

"Today's unemployment number is a stark reminder that we need real change in Washington. Since Nancy Pelosi and her tax, borrow, and spend Majority gained control of Congress in 2006, the unemployment rate more than doubled from 4.6% to 10.6%. Unemployment remains high at 9.6%.

"In recent weeks, we have heard Republicans want to 'get the keys back' so they can 'drive the car back in a ditch.' But what they don't want Americans to consider is the one Party rule that has controlled both Houses of Congress the last four years. So who really has been driving the car? Nancy Pelosi and Jesse Jackson Jr.

"Quite frankly, this 'Blame it on Bush' tantrum is rather childish. When I was growing up, we would throw snowballs at people and then, to avoid accountability, blame someone else for throwing them. This is what the Democrats are trying to do. They have driven the car in Congress -- where bills are passed -- for the past four years, but want Americans to believe that Republicans are the Party that got us into this ditch.

"7 million net jobs have been lost since Nancy Pelosi and Jesse Jackson Jr. began their anti-business crusade in the House of Representatives. $7 trillion has been added to the federal debt since Jesse Jackson Jr. went to Washington. Still, after voting 98% of the time with Mrs. Pelosi, he wants to add trillions more to the debt and enslave our great-grand children to foreign nations who are footing the bill. It is time we gave Jr. a breathalyzer and take the keys away.

"Like many American families, Latonya and I have had to reduce our spending and supplement our household income by withdrawing money from our retirement accounts. We understand that you can't borrow and spend your way into prosperity. During difficult economic times you must spend less and borrow less so that you don't find yourself facing bankruptcy. With nearly $14 trillion of debt, America is facing bankruptcy and the only solution my opponent can offer is to spend more, borrow more, and tax more. Is this what American families are doing?

"I get it. It's time for America to live within its means and focus on reducing our debt, reducing our borrowing, and reducing our spending. The future solvency of our country is at stake and I am willing to make those tough decisions in the U.S. House so that American families are not forced to make those tough decisions in their houses."

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