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Blog: 15 Words


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Though there are a great many things that distinguish me from my opponent, Christine O'Donnell, I don't think any is as important as our positions on job creation.

"Believes jobs are created when businesses are freed from endless taxes and bureaucratic red tape."

That's the complete text of O'Donnell's jobs platform on her website: Just 15 words.

That's a slogan, not a solution.

My jobs strategy focuses on four areas: restoring our innovation economy, assisting small businesses, growing our green economy, and rebuilding a viable manufacturing sector.

There is nothing more important than helping people get back to work, and I strongly believe that the 35,000 out-of-work Delawareans deserve a Senator willing to invest more than 15 words on a strategy for doing so.

I'll work to make the words "Made in America, Manufactured in Delaware" real again, expanding tax credits for businesses that manufacture 50 percent or more of their innovative, new products in the U.S., as well as for those businesses looking to invest in advanced energy projects.

I'll also work to help small businesses by standardizing the home office deduction and creating a temporary direct-lending program at the Small Business Administration to offer low-interest loans to healthy small businesses facing difficulties accessing credit.

We have a lot to work in front of us to get America's economy back on track and so many other related issues to tackle -- like fair trade, environmental standards and a stronger global economy. That's why there is much more to my jobs strategy here on my website.

Delaware deserves a Senator ready to confront our nation's challenges with more than just sound bites. With your help, I'll be that Senator.

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