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Philadelphia Daily News - Letters: Foe: Rep. Allyson Schwartz Misguided on Health Care


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By Dee Adcock

Everyone admits there are flaws in our health-care system that need to be fixed. Where Rep. Schwartz went wrong was that she set out to force health-care coverage on everyone at any cost, instead of seeking to lower costs so everyone could afford it. Instead of fixing the glaring problems, she turned our system on its head, which will affect everyone even if you were happy with your policy.

She believes that you should be forced to buy the health insurance the government decides you must have or face stiff fines. She believes the government knows best on what treatments are best for you regardless of your doctor's opinion.

I believe no American should ever be forced to buy any product or service. I believe we need to empower doctors and patients, not government bureaucrats. We need to defund, repeal and replace this bill before damage is done to our health-care system that can't be reversed.

Here is the real impact of the health care law Rep. Schwartz fought for:

Thanks to Rep. Schwartz's law, we are subjected to $525 billion in new taxes, penalties and higher premiums. She cut $575 billion out of Medicare, which will lead to longer waiting periods and fewer services. The cut also takes $136 billion out of Medicare Advantage, and is expected to force some 7.4 million seniors off the popular program.

The dramatic increase in demand for care coupled with the lack of supply will create longer waiting, less coverage and fewer options for everyone. The law even penalizes those with policies having more expensive coverage.

This affects working families, like many union workers, despite the fact those workers may have sacrificed higher salaries for higher benefits in negotiations.

Our current system has problems that desperately need to be addressed. Costs are rising rapidly, people with pre-existing conditions are turned down for coverage and too many people are uninsured. But I don't think that a massive bill full of new taxes, cuts to Medicare services and complicated regulations is the solution.

One area where the intent was good but the solution was wrong is with pre-existing conditions. By forcing private companies to accept people with them, people can now wait until they get sick before they buy insurance. It creates a guaranteed significant loss to the company, which will have to raise premiums on everyone else to recoup the losses. In California, insurers are eliminating their child-only coverage due to the mandate to accept customers with pre-existing conditions.

When you have representatives who pass massive legislation behind closed doors, in backhanded ways against the will of the people, without even having read the bill, you end up with a government that puts your interest second to theirs. The people deserve better. That's why I'm running for Congress.

Dee Adcock, Republican Candidate
Pa. 13th Congressional District

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