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Blog: Steven Defends Freedom


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We're running against a twenty-one year incumbent backed by hundreds of thousands of dollars in special interest money. Please make a contribution today to help keep our ad on TV to combat the misleading attacks by my opponent.

The truth is I support private property protection. The abuse of eminent domain by the government (state or local is wrong) and I support providing greater protections to private property owners. That's why in the Legislature I voted for House Bill 918 that would strengthen private property protection and used more clear language that did not contradict existing codes. During the same session I voted in favor of HC 26, which was an amendment to Mississippi's Constitution that specifically states private property shall never be taken for private economic development purposes. I've also been a strong proponent of Initiative #31, which is a measure led by Farm Bureau to prohibit state and local government from taking private property by eminent domain. I have worked as a circulator and as a Farm Bureau Member, I support their cause. I am happy to say that Farm Bureau has gathered enough certified signatures for this measure to be on the ballot for a referendum vote in November of 2011.

But, why does Gene Taylor support Tax hikes? Tax hikes cost us South Mississippi jobs. According to the Heritage Foundation, Mississippi will lose 60,000 jobs when the Bush tax cuts expire. But last week, Democrats in Congress decided to leave Washington without addressing the pending tax hikes. Democrats were eager to leave Washington to return home to campaign for re-election rather than reenacting policy that would save and create jobs.

On at least six occasions, Rep. Taylor voted against alleviating the "marriage penalty" resulting in billions of dollars of income taxes on married couples.

I support eliminating the death tax, but on multiple occasions Gene Taylor has supported keeping it at high levels. If Gene has his way, the death tax will increase from zero this year to 55 percent next year. The death tax only accounts for 1 percent of federal revenue, but if we fully eliminate the death tax it could result in an increase in 1.5 million jobs!

I am proud to have an excellent conservative record. I've never voted for a tax hike of any kind and will continue that trend in Congress. I have led the efforts to reaffirm state rights to protect Mississippians from the overreaching authority of the federal government and I authored legislation to block ObamaCare from paying for tax payer funded abortions. As a Marine, I was not afraid to fight for our freedom abroad and I am not afraid to fight for our freedom in Washington, D.C. Please join me as we continue the battle to save our country.

Thank you,


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