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Nunnelee's Defense Plan: Keeping America Safe


Location: Unknown

Our nation faces serious security challenges in the changing global environment. We must ensure our military is the best equipped and the most prepared in the world. America as a global leader has long been the greatest force for democracy that the world has known. If we hope to continue to fill that roll and to defend our homeland, we need to show a renewed commitment to keeping our country safe.

Here are my ideas:

* Terrorists should be treated as enemies, not as civilians. They should not be given civilian trials with protections from the very Constitution they wish to destroy.

* Fixing immigration starts with securing our borders. I support the Arizona law. This is a matter of national security.

* We cannot allow terrorists into the United States nor should they be released to engage in further combat with our troops. This Administration should be held accountable for any terrorists released from Guantanamo.

* We must reject the temptation to cut funding for the military, even in tough economic times. The safety of our nation depends on it.

* No more Christmas-Day bombers. The Dept. of Homeland Security should have heightened security and should review all visa applications at high-risk consular posts around the world.

* When our generals ask for resources, they deserve to get it.

* Our returning military heroes need to get the support they deserve from Congress.

* We cannot allow Iran to become a nuclear power. We need to be prepared to enact and enforce strong sanctions on Iran to prevent that from happening.

* We must maintain a commitment to research and development in defense purchases to ensure we have the most technologically advanced military in the world.

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