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Blog: Childers, Pelosi, and ObamaCare


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Childers, Pelosi, and ObamaCare

Nothing sums up the frustrations that North Mississippians have had over the last two years like the story of Travis Childers, Nancy Pelosi, and ObamaCare. In March of this year, Nancy Pelosi got to check a box on her liberal checklist for America: she'd forced a big-government, top-down health care takeover through Congress with (literally) a giant hammer.

Congressman Travis Childers played his role perfectly. Upon his arrival to Washington in January 2009, he voted to put Pelosi in charge of Congress. When the vote on ObamaCare came up over a year later, he stayed quiet, only saying he'd vote against the bill two days before passage. That gave him just enough political cover to cover his tracks.

When real conservatives called for the damaging bill to be repealed, Congressman Childers fell in line with Pelosi again, refusing to repeal the bill.

· He refused to repeal a bill that cut Medicare for seniors by hundreds of billions.

· He refused to repeal a bill that raises taxes on some health insurance.

· He refused to repeal a bill that requires every business to file a 1099 form for every purchase over $600, adding untold red tape costs to small businesses.

· He refused to repeal a bill that raised taxes on real estate transactions in the middle of a jobs and housing crisis.

· He refused to repeal a bill that made insurance more expensive, even by this Administration's own admission.

· He refused to repeal a bill that is bad for North Mississippi, and North Mississippians know it.

· And then he refused to come home and do live, in-person town halls to tell the voters why he stands where he does.

North Mississippi needs someone who will stand up to Nancy Pelosi and the liberals in Washington. Where was Congressman Childers when we needed him to fight for us?

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