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Issue Position: Improving Public Schools

Issue Position

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Making Sure Kids Get the Education They Deserve

Our kids shouldn't get less of an education just because times are tough. Quality schools benefit everyone. Quality schools benefit everyone. Better schools mean better neighborhoods and that helps us attract new jobs and businesses to the state. That's why Senator Sokola is working hard to ensure funding makes its way to the classroom. He also worked to eliminate the DSTP testing system, giving teachers the flexibility they need to provide a quality education to our children. And Senator Sokola is fighting to keep higher education affordable for Delaware families.

Dave Sokola chaired the Senate Education Committee for ten years during the State's comprehensive education reform resulting in:

* Increased funding for school discipline: Dave Sokola knows that children can't learn unless a teacher has control of the school environment. That's why he has supported legislation to create the first statewide alternative school system in the country for troubled youth.
* Accountability: Dave Sokola played a key role in the new accountability legislation that holds students accountable for what they learn and teachers accountable for what they teach. (SB 260, 250)
* Investments in Technology: Dave Sokola sponsored legislation that made Delaware the first state to wire all public schools for the Internet. (21st Century Fund)
* Neighborhood schools: Dave Sokola was the prime Senate sponsor of the new neighborhood schools bill to end forced busing of our young children. (HB 300)
* Public School Choice and Charter Schools (SB 200)
* Provided ten million dollars to local schools for modern textbooks.

Making Quality Education a Top Priority

* Co-sponsored the Delaware SEED scholarship program to give every Delaware child the opportunity to attend college
* Led the fight to establish full-day kindergarten across the state
* Sponsored legislation to end the three-tier diploma system

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