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Issue Position: Fiscal Responsibility

Issue Position

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Sokola cut income taxes 20% and eliminated the marriage tax penalty
That's right -- when it seems like the cost of everything from gas to housing is skyrocketing -- Dave Sokola helped you hang onto more of your hard-earned money. For the average Delaware family, that means more money to help buy the kids' clothes, or pay the mortgage, or make the next car payment.

He's fighting to make state government do more with less
Cutting taxes doesn't have to mean starving essential services. In fact, even while he was cutting taxes, Dave Sokola worked to strengthen education, protect the environment, and make our citizens safer. Dave also passed legislation that streamlined government operations and saved taxpayers over $2.4 million.

And he's balancing the state budget while saving millions of dollars
Dave Sokola voted to balance the budget every year he's been in office. That means lower taxes and less borrowing. And it earned Delaware the highest bond rating in its history -- a AAA rating. That enables us to build schools, roads, and other necessities at the lowest possible cost, saving millions of dollars a year.

* Tax Cuts: Dave Sokola has successfully sponsored legislation for the past seven years to cut personal income taxes on average of 20% since 1992.
* Equitable Taxes: Delaware was recently chosen by Fortune magazine as the fairest and most equitable tax system in the nation.

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