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Issue Position: Education

Issue Position

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I believe that parents and teachers know what is best for educating children. Kids are educated most effectively when control over the education is as close to home as possible. I will fight to empower parents and teachers, and prevent the centralization of control of our schools in Concord and in Washington.

We must protect the right of parents in New Hampshire to homeschool their children as they see fit. A growing number of families are homeschooling every year with generally spectacular results. I will fight for less regulation for the homeschooling community. Government should be accountable to the people, not the other way around.

We must have local control of our schools. Over the last several decades the State and Federal governments have passed an increasing number of mandates on our schools that have driven up the costs, while doing nothing to increase the quality of education. Local school boards, parents and teachers must have more influence than Concord or Washington if we want to have the best public education system possible, since these are the people closest to the children.

Finally, we must empower parents by giving them more options in the education of their children. Tax credits or vouchers would allow more freedom of choice on where parents educate their children, increasing the quality of education, while decreasing the costs to the taxpayers. Costs savings are seen since the tax credit or vouchers would be for amounts less than the per-pupil public school costs (which has passed $13,000). A 2005 study indicated that a school choice program could save $32 million dollars for New Hampshire.

"The basic financial calculus of a school choice certificate proposal is that if the per student cost of each child receiving a school choice certificate is less than the per student state aid cost associated with these children if they attend public schools, then the program will save the State of New Hampshire money." Brian J. Gottlob, Economist

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