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Issue Position: Taxes & Economy

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Like you, Steve Scalise knows Washington has a spending problem and lacks fiscal discipline. As a state legislator, Steve Scalise passed the Scalise Rebate Protection Bill that will protect your federal tax rebate checks from getting taxed by the state.

Scalise has fought against wasteful spending. When the legislature wanted to bloat the budget with pork, Steve Scalise stood up for taxpayers. He found nearly $30 million in wasteful spending. Steve was an outspoken critic of tax increases like the "Stelly Plan." When former Governor Kathleen Blanco tried to raise taxes and blow the state's spending cap, Steve Scalise was her most vocal critic in opposing those irresponsible proposals. He led the effort to block the Blanco administration from adding 1,200 more government jobs and passed critical earmark reform legislation. As liberals tried to raise our taxes, Steve Scalise fought them every time. He has never voted for a tax increase and never will.

Steve Scalise was the first candidate for Congress to sign the Taxpayer Protection Pledge. Steve supports making the Bush tax reductions permanent, so that our families and businesses know how much they can save and invest from year to year. He believes we can create good, high-paying jobs and encourage personal savings by lowering the tax burden on our families. When Hillary Clinton campaigned across the country promoting a socialized healthcare system financed by a pledge to raise taxes, Steve Scalise was committed to prevent that from happening. With the right leadership, we can restore fiscal discipline in Washington and promote a tax policy that is fair to our families and businesses.

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