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Issue Position: War on Terrorism

Issue Position


The war in Iraq has resulted in us losing our focus on the War on Terrorism, both in policy and in resources. Iraq is a disaster, Al-Qaeda has been allowed to rearm itself, Osama bin Laden remains on the run, the entire Middle East is unstable because of our neglect and actions, and Israel is less secure because Iran has been given unfettered access to Syria, Lebanon and Hamas while redoubling its efforts to become nuclear capable. To win this war, we must refocus our efforts and recognize the impact that Iraq is having on the entire region. The U.S. must also take responsibility for the almost 3 million displaced Iraqi refugees in Syria, Jordan, and Iran and along the Iraqi borders. Refugee camps are ripe for extremists who are trying to break into these camps to win over refugees by feeding, clothing, and educating them. I have introduced the lead legislation providing aid to Iraqi refugees and combat extremists who are trying to turn refugees into terrorists.

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