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Issue Position: Government Spending

Issue Position


Government spending must reflect economic realities. I opposed the trillion dollar stimulus and several other budget busting bills which would raise taxes on hardworking South Floridians.

I voted against a Federal Budget plan which increased the national debt to $17.1 trillion in five years, creating the highest deficits in U.S. history.

I opposed three increases raising the $14 trillion federal debt ceiling in 2010.

I opposed creating a new multi-billion dollar federal financial regulatory agency which would cause more business closures, fewer startups and slower growth.

I voted against the massive $1.2 trillion Health Care Bill which has the largest tax increase ever, as well as more federal regulation and mandates for small businesses.

I support a constitutional amendment to balance the federal budget.

I believe that any unspent TARP funds should be used to reduce the deficit.

I have joined with other House Republicans in supporting $120 billion in spending cuts which were approved by over 1.3 million Americans voting at the YouCut web site through their cell phone or online.

Each week, the public has voted on spending cut items based on the principle that the federal government should sacrifice and tighten its belt just as you and your neighbors have done during this economic downturn.

Among these cuts which were approved at YouCut were selling excess federal property, eliminating a federal pay raise for one year, reforming Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and prohibiting tax funding for promotional signs for stimulus spending projects.

As the American economy continues to stagnate with a near record 10 % unemployment rate and a record $1.4 trillion deficit, we need to do more to reduce our budget deficit and mounting government debt.

YouCut allows you to become directly involved in this urgently important issue. I look forward to your thoughts and suggestions on how we can curb out of control federal spending.

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