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Issue Position: Bringing Back Fiscal Discipline

Issue Position


Traveling the 16th district Tom Rooney saw there was a common complaint about the government from people across the district -- the out of control spending in Washington must end. Rooney has taken this common sense message to Washington and is fighting to cut spending and addressing our growing national debt. As the father of three young sons, Tom is reminded daily of our obligation to leave our children a better country than we inherited, but the reckless spending threatens that very philosophy. Rooney voted against the $800 billion "stimulus" spending bill knowing we could do better and get our economy going without sending us deeper into debt. He has consistently voted against spending bills that unnecessarily expand the scope and size of the federal government.

Since coming to Washington, Rooney has shown real leadership in fighting for lower taxes and less spending. Now is the time for tough decisions. Florida families are having to find ways to trim the household budget while bureaucrats in Washington are not willing to do the same to the federal budget. Tom believes that the federal government must have that same kitchen table discussion American families are having now: Where can we cut excess spending? Rooney will continue to fight for less spending, lower taxes and more freedom.

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