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Issue Position: Securing Our Homeland

Issue Position


Tom Rooney believes the federal government's top priority is to ensure our safety. With that philosophy he has been an active member of the House Armed Services Committee ensuring our troops are the most professional, well equipped and prepared military in the world. As a veteran, Congressman Rooney has a unique understanding of our Armed Services and enjoys a productive working relationship with the Generals on the Ground and in the Pentagon. He looks to them for candid reports of what their needs are and assessment of progress in both Iraq and Afghanistan. In addition to his service on the Armed Services Committee, Rooney also sits on the prestigious House Judiciary Committee. In both of these committees the Congressman has taken an active roll in addressing the impending closing of the Guantanamo Bay Detention Facility and the need for a plan in determining what to do with the detainees currently held there. In response to President Obama's hasty order to close the facility, Rooney introduced legislation to prohibit the transfer of detainees into the state of Florida. Rooney will continue to make our national safety his top priority and fight for it in Washington

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