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Issue Position: Establishing Our Energy Independence

Issue Position


Tom Rooney is a firm believer that we must establish our energy independence. This is not just for our national security, but also for our economic security. Every year we send hundreds of millions of dollars overseas to import oil from countries that are not our allies. With this in mind, Tom believes an "all of the above" approach is the only way to wean us off of foreign oil. There is not a single silver bullet solution to our energy problem; we must address it in a multi-pronged fashion. Rooney believes a national energy policy that increases our commitment to efficiency, conservation and the development of alternative fuels such as wind and solar must be combined with increased domestic production of traditional sources such as oil. Furthermore, Tom believes we must renew our commitment to clean safe nuclear power. Unfortunately, the Democrats' "cap and trade" bill which many more appropriately called "cap and tax" does nothing to help us establish our energy independence. Instead it only promises to punish domestic production and manufacturing while increasing costs to American consumers. Rooney will not support such measures that punish the American people and companies placing us at a disadvantage on the world market. Rooney believes in the American spirit and that we can achieve our goals through incentives and partnership with the federal government instead of higher taxes.

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