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Issue Position: Spending and Taxes

Issue Position


Spending and Taxes

The last thing we need in a slow economy is an out-of-touch Congress that taxes and spends your hard-earned dollars in a reckless manner. But that is exactly what has happened.

Out of Control Spending

Whether it's the trillion dollar "stimulus" package or the trillion dollar health care bill, spending in Washington is out of control.

According to the Obama Administration's own estimates, this year's deficit will be $1.47 trillion - the largest deficit in history.

Our debt is now $13 trillion. It took the federal government 206 years to hit the first trillion dollars in debt and just six months to go from $12 trillion to $13 trillion.

Buchanan Balanced Budget Amendment

We need to stop runaway spending. The first bill I introduced was the Buchanan Balanced Budget Amendment to require a balanced federal budget within five years.

The federal government has balanced its budget only five times in the past 50 years. Congress clearly lacks the fiscal discipline needed to balance the budget. Cities, counties, and states all routinely balance their budgets. So should the federal government.

Tax Relief

I support tax relief to encourage small businesses to invest and create jobs and allow American workers to keep more of their hard earned money to meet the needs of their families. We should also extend the tax cuts of 2001 and 2003. A study by the non-partisan Tax Foundation found that extending the tax cuts would save middle class families and Florida's 13th district over $1,300.

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