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Issue Position: National Security

Issue Position


National Security

National security and the safety of the American people is the most important function of the federal government. I will continue to fight for policies that keep Americans safe. I also support policies that will help ensure we continue to have the most capable, best-trained, and best-equipped military in the world.

Military Tribunals for Terrorists Act

Terrorist networks are waging war against our way of life and our people. Meanwhile, two high profile terrorists with links to al Qaeda are being processed trough civilian courts like ordinary criminals: Nigerian terrorist Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, who tried to blow up a U.S. airplane in Detroit on Christmas Day 2009 and Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the admitted mastermind behind the September 11 attacks that killed more than 3,000 people in New York City.

I introduced the "Military Tribunals for Terrorists Act" (H.R. 4463), which would require foreigners with ties to known terror organizations to be tried by military tribunals, not in our civilian courts.

Guantanamo Bay

Guantanamo Bay holds some of the world's most dangerous terrorists, many of whom were allegedly instrumental in plotting attacks against American citizens, including the attacks of September 11.

Unfortunately, President Obama ordered the facility closed without a plan for what to do with the dangerous individuals being held there.

I oppose the reckless release and the transfer of these detainees into the United States.

Iraq and Afghanistan

Failure in Iraq and Afghanistan would add to instability in the Middle East and make America less safe. We need to work with other nations to stabilize the region and improve security so democracy can take hold and a civil society can move forward.

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