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Ros-Lehtinen Pleased With House Passage Of Legislation That Will Provide Greater Oversight Of The Flawed BP Claims Process

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen is pleased with House passage of the "Audit the BP Fund Act" H.R. 6010, which would ask the Government Accountability office (GAO) to conduct an investigation and audit of the operations of the financial fund created by BP to compensate persons affected by the Gulf of Mexico oil spill.

This legislation also directs the GAO to conduct an ongoing independent investigation and audit of the operations of the fund created by BP to determine if these operations are effective and meeting their objectives. This bill also grants the GAO subpoena powers to conduct a thorough investigation.

BP has repeatedly claimed that all claims are being paid in a quick and efficient manner but many of Congresswoman Ros-Lehtinen's constituents in the Florida Keys who run affected industries have yet to be compensated by BP. As a result of this delay, Ileana sent a missive to the BP Independent Administrator, Kenneth Feinberg, requesting a full accounting of the number of outstanding claims in South Florida. As of today, Wednesday, September 29, Ros-Lehtinen's office has yet to receive a response.

Said Ros-Lehtinen: "This legislation will help assure that the BP Relief Fund is efficiently and accurately compensating the victims of the BP Gulf oil spill. BP has made many promises, yet there are scores of my constituents in the Florida Keys who have not been compensated. I urge my colleagues in the Senate to take up this bill and thus help the countless small businesses who are suffering economic hardship because of BP's false promises."

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