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Issue Position: Fiscal Discipline & Job Creation

Issue Position

Location: Unknown

Gus believes that economic innovation and growth begins with fiscal discipline in Washington, D.C.

As a steward of your tax dollars, Gus believes that Congress must focus on reducing the size of government and is fighting to cut wasteful spending and reduce our national debt. Gus has co-sponsored a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution, so Washington's misguided tax and spend policies can be stopped.

Because he believes that the federal government shouldn't be spending money it doesn't have, Gus OPPOSED the following:

* $760 billion for the Wall Street Bailout

* $267 billion for Fannie/Freddie

* $167 billion for Bank of America, AIG and Citigroup

* $14 billion for the Automobile Industry Bailout

* $1.1 trllion 'Economic Stimulus' Package

* $410 billion for the 2009 House Appropriations Bills

* $3 billion for the "Cash for Clunkers" Program

He believes that the best way to encourage economic growth is to allow taxpayers to keep more of their own money. Instead of repeatedly saddling our nation with higher taxes and more debt, he believes that Congress should pass economic solutions that let families and small businesses keep more of what they earn so they can innovate, grow, and create jobs to turn our economy around.

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