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Space Calls for National Referendum on Every Trade Agreement

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

Tired of watching academic and policy wonks draft free trade agreements without getting input from the very people whose lives have been decimated by free trade deals, Congressman Zack Space (OH-18) today announced that he is introducing The VOTE (Vote on Trade Every time) Act to create a national referendum for trade deals such as NAFTA.

Space's VOTE Act would introduce a national up-or-down vote for any trade deal negotiated by the Administration. For the first time, Americans would be able to have a direct voice on a bill that directly affects their lives.

"Free trade agreements over the past decade have been nothing short of a disaster. NAFTA and other trade deals have cost our towns and communities thousands and thousands of jobs."

"I am just sick and tired of Ohioans being victims of trade deals that they had absolutely no part in," said Space.

"That's why I'm introducing The VOTE Act -- to get more direct input from the people who have been directly affected by these trade deals."

In addition to creating a national referendum on trade deals, Space's bill starts the process by including input from the American people in the form of nationwide hearings before the process begins. Under language in the bill, those hearings should especially focus on people who have been adversely disaffected by trade deals such as NAFTA.

Space has been a champion in Congress for the repeal of NAFTA.

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