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Herrera Applauds GOP for Providing Solutions

Press Release

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Does Denny Heck support new direction, or more of his party's agenda?

Jaime Herrera today praised Congressional Republican leadership for advancing their own solutions and providing Americans a choice by releasing a "Pledge to America" last week.

The pledge offers scores of ideas to put caps on spending, reduce Americans' tax burdens, increase security, improve health care by attempting to lower costs and address some of the root causes of the financial collapse of 2008.

"I applaud Republican leadership for stepping up and providing ideas and solutions for addressing our country's biggest challenges," said Herrera. "There are a number of ideas in the pledge we should seize upon right away that would restore jobs to Southwest Washington: extend the 2001 and 2003 tax cuts to give small businesses certainty, roll back the 1099 requirements on small businesses passed by Pelosi's Congress, enact market-oriented health care solutions that lower costs, and offer simple small business 20 percent tax deductions."

"Denny Heck's party gave us stimulus spending bills, trillion-dollar health care spending bills, and multi-billion dollar state bailouts -- and he's confessed he'd have voted for each piece of their agenda. His party's leadership has brought our debt up to $13 trillion, and after 20 months Southwest Washington is suffering under double-digit unemployment. Denny Heck says he doesn't like the way Congress is doing business now, so I'd like to ask: does he support the ideas in this pledge, or does he want Congress to keep going in the same direction?"

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