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Jobs Tour - Working with Community Banks in Chehalis

Press Release

Location: Unknown

The "Let's Get to Work" jobs tour next traveled up I-5 to Security State Bank in Chehalis, a community bank which has done business in the area for over 100 years.

The flow of credit was again a hot topic and the over-regulation of small banks was again a popular answer.

"The way I characterize this is a few of those bank examiners weren't aggressive enough pre September 2008," Denny said, "and now its belt, suspenders and by the way we're going to staple your pants to your skin. First they looked the other way, now there's too high a standard."

Denny told the story of a small business owner he met from Woodland. He'd had a revolving line of credit through a national bank for more than 20 years, he'd never been late or missed a payment but then his bank called him up one day and said they were going to end the relationship in two weeks.

Denny's plan to get credit flowing again relies on Wall Street reform that forces big banks to play by the rules which will level the playing field for credit unions and community banks. This will restore confidence in the markets and make it easier for small businesses to get the money they need to grow and create family wage jobs.

"My sense of all of this is when it comes to credit, those of you who operate in the community and have the community's best interest at heart, are going to be an important part of the solution going forward," Denny told the community bank leaders in attendance.

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