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Jobs Tour - Creating a Skilled Workforce in Vancouver

Press Release

Location: Unknown

The conclusion of Week 3 of the "Let's Get to Work" jobs tour provided Denny with an up close look at the vital role community colleges and vocational training programs will play in our economic recovery.

Denny went on a tour of Clark College in Vancouver on Friday, which included stops at the school's culinary arts and dental hygienist training programs. Clark's dental hygiene program is one of the most highly regarded in the nation, having seen every one of its graduates pass the national dental hygiene exam on their very first attempt. Quite an accomplishment for a program that's celebrating its 40th year of operation.

A strong and vibrant economy goes hand in hand with an educated workforce. Denny has long called for fully funding Career and Education State Grants in order to strengthen our state's community and technical colleges. Strong workforce training programs means a strong workforce that is better prepared to compete in a global economy.

"We need to educate more people at a higher level," Denny said. "One of the things that we'll require is more science, technology, engineering and mathematic graduates. But let us not lose sight of the need to create more dental hygienists and more bakers and more graduates with skill training that allows them to provide a good living for their family."

"That's the vital role that community college's play."

Denny will begin Week 4 of his five week "Let's Get to Work" jobs tour next week with a focus on green jobs and creating a clean energy economy.

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