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Former NRA President Disturbed by Liberal Ann Kirkpatrick "Wait and See" Approach to Protecting Freedom

Press Release

Location: Prescott, AZ

Yesterday, Democrat Ann Kirkpatrick while appearing on the Terry Lovell Show failed to stand strong against Elena Kagan for gun owners and Greater Arizona. The liberal Democrat took a series of questions from callers ranging from deficits and healthcare to the 2nd Amendment.

"I have been fighting my entire professional life for the Second Amendment," said Bob Corbin, Former President of the National Rifle Association. "I find it disturbing that Kirkpatrick didn't take the opportunity to stand against Kagan considering she once insinuated that the NRA is no different than the KKK."

As a U.S. Supreme Court law clerk for Thurgood Marshall in 1987 Kagan wrote that she was "not sympathetic' toward a man who contended that his constitutional Second Amendment rights were violated. She has also been credited as the driving force behind President Clintons tough, anti-gun laws.

"It outrageous that Ann Kirkpatrick would choose not to speak out against Elena Kagan and her radical views against the Second Amendment," said Dr. Paul Gosar, current frontrunner and Republican challenger. "When it comes to protecting America's first freedom you do not take the "Wait and See' approach. You stand your ground and you fight for it and against those that wish to do away with it."

Liberal Kirkpatrick has been exposed as soft on guns. Her statement on Kagan reminds voters of her anti-gun votes before the Arizona legislature where she voted for stiffer penalties on law abiding citizens with Concealed Carry Permits. Kirkpatrick even voted against the Castle Doctrine which legally protects home owners when they are forced to protect themselves against home invasions.

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