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Issue Position: Social Security & Medicare

Issue Position


This year, we commemorate the 75th anniversary of Social Security and its remarkable success. Nearly 50 percent of today's seniors would be living in poverty were it not for our Social Security system. We have an obligation to ensure that retirees continue to receive the benefits that they were promised, while also guaranteeing that the program will be there for future generations.

I strongly oppose risky proposals to privatize Social Security. I will adamantly oppose any person's, political party's, or special interest group's effort to recklessly gamble with your Social Security benefits. I will work tirelessly to ensure that Social Security remains financially sound and stable so that all of us, young and old, receive the benefits for which we've worked.

Congress also must work to protect the integrity of Medicare for both today's and tomorrow's seniors. As your congressman, I've voted to stop increases in Medicare premiums and have voted to close the Medicare prescription drug donut hole.

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