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Issue Position: Health Care Reform that Works

Issue Position


Because of his background in business, Brett Guthrie knows the struggles of small businesses trying to provide health insurance to workers. He has been fighting in Congress for common-sense reforms that won't drive the federal government deeper into debt, but would in fact lower insurance prices for consumers and expand health coverage to millions of Americans.

Brett supports medical malpractice reform to reign in junk lawsuits that drive up the price of practicing medicine. Brett supports making health insurance portable, meaning you should be able to take it with you when you change jobs. Brett supports allowing you to purchase health insurance across state lines. You can buy your groceries or a car in another state if there's a better deal to be had, so why not your health insurance?

Brett strongly opposed the liberal Democrats' legislation that would have cut Medicare by $500 billion, raised private insurance premiums, raised taxes on small businesses, led to a government takeover of your health care decisions, and driven our country deeper into debt.

Brett believes decisions about your medical care should be made by you and your doctor, not by a government bureaucrat in Washington D.C.

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