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Jenkins Presents "A Pledge to America"


Location: Washington, DC

Congresswoman Lynn Jenkins issued the following statement after House Republicans released A Pledge to America, a new governing agenda to address the major challenges facing our country. The Pledge is centered on the ideas and priorities of the American people and offers concrete solutions that could be implemented today to tackle the nation's most pressing issues, including job creation, spending restraint, national security, health care, and reform to Congress. To read the full agenda, A Pledge to America, click here.

"After holding more than 30 events to listen to Kansans' priorities for a new governing agenda for our country, it is clear they are not interested in more big spending, job-killing, big government agendas. Instead, they are demanding that Congress rein in spending, empower our nation's entrepreneurs to create jobs and change "business as usual" in Washington. It's time for Kansans' priorities to be acted upon. I used the ideas I heard from my constituents to help House Republicans craft A Pledge to America , a new governing agenda to address the challenges facing our country that our centered on ideas from Kansans and from folks across the nation.

"Kansans need jobs, and The Pledge will help Kansas businesses hire more workers by ending the uncertainty and onerous regulations that are stifling job creation. Folks in Eastern Kansas are tired of the reckless government spending, and The Pledgewill immediately reduce spending and reduce the massive national debt burden facing future generations. The Pledge adheres to the will of the American people by repealing Obamacare and replacing it with solutions to bring down costs and improve health care. Backroom deals are not acceptable, and The Pledge will restore accountability and transparency to all levels of Congress. To keep all Americans safe from security threats here at home and abroad, The Pledge offers a commitment to national and border security.

"Across Kansas and throughout the country, folks are tired of Washington politicians pledging one thing at home and doing another in Washington. It's time for that to change. Regardless of which party is in control, it is the duty of Congress to carry out the will of the American people. The Pledge offers concrete solutions to move our country forward immediately and to restore trust in Congress, and I call on Speaker Pelosi to bring our solutions to the House floor for a vote today."

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