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Issue Position: Health Care

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Health Care That Delivers More and Lowers Costs

The comprehensive health care reform signed into law this year, while not perfect, is a huge and necessary step forward for our nation.

At long last, we join every other industrialized nation in the world in offering every citizen access to basic decent health care. By starting the process of reducing cost growth, we will improve our global competitiveness, relieve pressure on government and business budgets, and set American families up for better future wage growth.

For all the argument, it is undeniable that a nation as great as ours, it is a moral outrage that over 30 million Americans lacked access to quality affordable health care. Our health care system served too few people at far too high a cost, and our businesses were made uncompetitive by spiraling cost increases. I entered Congress with health care reform as a top priority, and I am proud to have helped pass comprehensive health care reform this year.

No longer will children be denied coverage or pregnancy be considered a pre-existing condition. With this legislation curbing the rapidly increasing cost of health care, seniors will not have to choose between buying food or their medication, and businesses will be able to provide coverage for their workforce without laying off employees.

While the legislation is not perfect, it will continue to be improved, and it paves the way for Americans to take control of their health care. During the health care debate, I actively gathered input from my constituents through mail, on my web site, and through live and telephone town halls.

Benefits for the 4th District

A lot of input went into this bill and there are benefits readily available for the vast majority of the 4th District. The numbers and studies all show that health care reform is good for America, but that doesn't matter unless it helps your family.

I studied long and hard before committing support to comprehensive health care reform, and figures provided by the US Census, Congressional Budget Office, and the Department of Health and Human Services, show that the 4th District will certainly benefit from health care reform. For instance:

* Health care reform will improve coverage for 463,000 people in Southwest Connecticut.

* Coverage is now attainable for all through tax credits for 94,000 families and 19,700 small businesses in the District.

* 600 families will not face bankruptcy due to unaffordable health care costs.

* 43,000 young adults I represent will have the choice to stay on their parents' insurance plans.

* The Medicare donut hole will be closed, and 99,000 beneficiaries will have improved coverage.

* Insurance will be extended to 22,000 uninsured residents and 9,300 residents will not be denied coverage because of their pre-existing conditions.

* The legislation provides several million dollars for the 4th District's community health centers, including Norwalk Community Health Center and Southwest Community Health Center in Bridgeport.

Health care reform is a key piece of our effort to restore economic opportunity, reduce our deficit, and improve the quality of live for all Americans. Massive change is never easy and never quick, but, as more and more provisions of health care reform come into effect, families and businesses across Connecticut will see improved care and relief from the sky-rocketing premiums and uncertainty that previously defined our health care system.

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