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House Passes National Marriage Protection Act

Location: Unknown

From the Office of Congressman Spencer Bachus
The 6th District of Alabama


WASHINGTON- Congressman Bachus is pleased to announce that the House of Representatives passed the Marriage Protection Act of 2003 late yesterday afternoon.

"This bill strips power away from the activist federal courts that try to overturn state laws that define marriage. The Marriage Protection Act will prevent same-sex couples who marry in a liberal state like Massachusetts from using a court decision to demand their marriage licenses be honored in Alabama. This Act was necessary because the Senate did not approve the Federal Marriage Amendment," said Congressman Bachus.

Bachus continued, "The majority of American's adhere to the traditional heterosexual definition of marriage. Their convictions should not be cast aside or ignored by unelected activist judges. When these judges choose to ignore not only the people, but the laws of all fifty states, it is the duty of Congress to intervene as the only elected representatives of the people. That is the essence of democracy."

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