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Issue Position: Revitalizing Our Economy to Work for Middle Class Families

Issue Position

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"I still believe that America's best days are ahead. We need to revitalize our economy to work for middle class families. We need to rebuild Main Street, so that when you work hard you can make a living to raise your family and where the greedy decisions of Wall Street bankers cannot collapse our economy with their irresponsible behavior ever again." - Tim Walz

Tim has a record of voting for the people of southern Minnesota and protecting the middle class.

As the economy continues to lag from the policies implemented during the Bush Administration and the irresponsible excesses on Wall Street, Tim has continued to stand up for Main Street. Tim has fought to keep tax rates low for over 95% of the population, while calling for investments in our infrastructure in an effort to spur job growth.

Tim has fully supported the growth and protection of the backbone of our economy: the middle class. It's imperative we grow our economy and allow small-businesses the ability to create and expand jobs. This, along with putting money directly in middle class family's pockets who will spend it at their grocery stores or use it to fix their homes, will help us tackle our long-term debt.

Tim thought it was a bad deal to extend the Bush tax cuts to the top 2% of incomes while we continue to pay for two expensive wars and Medicare Part D on borrowed money. But he made the decision to vote for a temporary extension because he was unwilling to allow tax rates to go up on middle class families.

Tim Walz has a record of standing up for the taxpayers of the First District and he did so again when he opposed the Wall Street bailout because of its lack of accountability. Tim not only voted against this legislation under the Bush Administration, but stood by his principles when the Obama Administration and Democratic leaders urged him to reconsider his position. Click here to read Tim's op-ed from October 2008.

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