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UNYTEA, Doheny Slams Owens & Pelosi: Barie Gives His Personal Endorsement To Doheny

Press Release

Location: Unknown

The leader of the Upstate New York Tea Party (UNYTEA) has joined forces with Matt Doheny in an effort to expose the "tax and spend" record of incumbent Congressman Bill Owens.

At a joint press conference, Matt Doheny, the GOP and Independence Party candidate for Congress in New York's 23rd Congressional District and Mark L Barie, Chairman of UNYTEA, accused Owens of voting in "lockstep" with Nancy Pelosi.

"Bill Owens voted with Nancy Pelosi and her tax and spend friends, 93 percent of the time," said Barie, "The Congressman likes to talk about lower taxes and job creation but when nobody's looking, he's raising our taxes and killing jobs."

Doheny, who came to Plattsburgh to meet with UNYTEA's steering committee and a number of Tea Party volunteers, welcomed Barie's help and predicted that Owens' "reckless spending" will cost him the election.

"UNYTEA has been a strong voice for lower taxes, less spending, and limited government. Today our voices are joined and we speak as one," said Doheny. "After less than one year in office, Bill Owens has used the taxpayers' credit card for more than one trillion two hundred nineteen billion ($1,219,000,000,000) dollars in new spending. On November second, we cut him off."

At the event, UNYTEA had on display a life size cardboard mock-up of a bride and groom. The facial images had been altered to show Pelosi and Owens as "the happy couple."

The joint press conference marked the first joint public appearance by Doheny and Barie, who has personally endorsed the Watertown businessman in the bid to unseat Rep. Owens.

"Matt Doheny is the kind of fiscal conservative we must to send to Washington," Barie said. "And when he says he can beat Bill Owens on November 2, I believe him -- and I intend to help him."

Barie provided a list of House bills supported by Owens, the cost of which exceeded 1.5 trillion dollars. The grassroots organizer also cited Owens' votes in favor of the Health Care Reform act, as a "job killer" and a "trillion dollar tax hike."

"The Health care bill included taxes on prescription drugs, medical devices, and health insurance companies, all of which are being passed on to us," said Barie, adding, "in addition, companies all across the nation are receiving notices from their insurance carriers that their health insurance premiums are going up by 20 and 30 percent. The result will be more layoffs because these companies cannot afford Obama Care."

Doheny said that if Owens really wanted to help the tax payers he would be fighting harder to save the Bush tax cuts.

"Mr. Owens pretends that these tax cuts are only for the rich. In fact, if you own a small business, if you want your loved ones to have an inheritance, or if you realize a gain on the sale of a property, you are likely to pay more taxes: $1.8 trillion more over the next 10 years," said Doheny.

Last week Doheny criticized the incumbent for not taking a stand on the tax cuts. Today he added that "Mr. Owens has taken his cue from Democratic party leaders, refusing to say if he is for or against extending the tax cuts. It's apparent now that Democratic leadership is punting on this issue until after the mid-terms, keeping small business owners in limbo in terms of hiring or growing their business. It is politicking at its worst."

He concluded, "Mr. Owens' publicly funded honeymoon with Nancy Pelosi is over. On election day, we annul the marriage."

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