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Issue Position: Energy

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We must create a foundation for a clean energy economy with millions of new jobs that cannot be shipped overseas. We have already seen the benefits in Iowa of a clean energy economy. We only need to look at biofuels, and particularly the wind energy industry, to see the benefits of investing in energy. In this Congressional District alone we have Siemens, Acciona, and Clipper Wind all making different parts of a wind-turbine.

Yet, despite the advances we've made in Iowa, America continues to import renewable energy technology. This is unacceptable and puts us at a disadvantage in a growing industry that will be part of tomorrow's economy. We should become a nation that exports cutting edge technology, with a workforce trained to build it, and a manufacturing sector that will help to lead us into the 21st century economy.

We must craft an energy policy that bolsters our national security and keeps and grows jobs here in America. We need to grow the clean energy economy in the US and reinvigorate the US industrial and manufacturing base. We need to stop sending money overseas for foreign oil to hostile nations.

Our energy policy must be a comprehensive plan that ensures 21st century clean energy jobs in the US and increased domestic production of energy, enhances our national security, and reduces our dependence on foreign oil. I look forward to continuing to work toward these goals.

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