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Issue Position: Health Care

Issue Position


I believe in a health care system that puts patients before insurance company profits. I voted for health care reform that will reverse the increasingly disturbing trends in our health care system by ending the worst insurance industry practices. The health care reform law will take steps toward giving Iowans with insurance, as well as those without insurance, the peace of mind that comes with having good, quality care that can't be taken away.

With the cost saving measures included in this bill, and the Medicare agreement that I was able to secure to help ensure that doctors are reimbursed for quality care, not the quantity of it, we are taking serious strides towards reigning in exploding health care costs and giving taxpayers more for their money.

The health care bill will do a lot of good for Iowa families. In Iowa alone, this bill will:

* Ban the insurance industry practice of kicking people off of their insurance when they get sick and need it the most. This will give Iowans with insurance the peace of mind that comes with quality, stable health care and allow access to affordable insurance options for as many as 33,497 uninsured Iowans with pre-existing conditions.

* Provide Tax Credits to 48,600 small businesses in Iowa to help cover the costs of insurance.

* Improve Medicare for 505,000 Iowans by giving a $250 rebate to all Part D enrollees who enter the donut hole in 2010, eventually closing the donut hole. The health care bill also improves primary care and coordinated care for seniors.

* Create a new and independent appeals process that ensures consumers in new plans have access to a process that safeguards their rights.

* Ban lifetime limits on coverage by prohibiting insurance companies from placing lifetime caps on coverage.

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