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Democrats To America: Trust Us On Tax Increase Blackburn Condemns Largest Tax Hike In American History


Location: Washington, DC

House Democrats today voted to abandon the Capitol this week without taking up measures that could avert a historic tax hike scheduled to take effect at the end of this year. The decision comes on the final regularly scheduled day of the 111th Congress. Congressman Marsha Blackburn (TN-7) issued the following statement as House Democrats prepared to take up a multi-billion dollar spending bill designed to see the country through December.

"Today, Democrat Leaders in the House decided to put their own interests over struggling families and small businesses. They looked at those facing staggering tax hikes and said, "trust us; we'll get taxes fixed in December,' and then they'll turn around and vote for more and more spending. In their twisted Washington logic, tax cuts should be temporary and spending programs are permanent. It is just shameful."

"I remain committed to locking in tax rates where they are now, and working with my colleagues to bring them lower. GOP members have pledged to America that we will make tax cuts permanent and spending programs temporary. That is the approach Tennesseans told me they wanted to see and it is the approach I am honored to stand up for."

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