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Issue Position: Health Care

Issue Position

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I voted against President Obama's radical health care bill because it increases premiums for working families (10-13% according to the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office), raises taxes on small businesses, and cuts Medicare for seniors.

The bill was also too expensive ($1.3 trillion) and it will increase the deficit at a time when government spending is already out of control and the national debt is at $13 trillion.

This bill will also be a job killer. After the bill passed, America's major corporations filed statements with the government on how the bill's tax changes would affect their earnings (as they're required to do by law). Boeing said it would take a $150 million hit. AT&T said it would have to pay $1 billion. The list goes on. All of these companies will be affected.

The Obama-Pelosi bill will also put tremendous strains on our private health care system. Since the bill requires 16 million more people to enroll in Medicaid - and since Medicaid reimburses only slightly more than half of medical costs - that will obviously have a devastating financial impact on doctors and hospitals.

I want to repeal the health care bill and replace it with a better bill based on common-sense, market-based solutions to increase health care access and lower costs for all Americans.

We should allow businesses to pool together to purchase insurance, permit insurance to be sold across state lines, and limit junk lawsuits.

We should also promote healthier lifestyles, deploy new health technologies, and expand access to care in rural areas. That's what the American people want and deserve.

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