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Small Business Jobs Act of 2010

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC


Mr. ANDREWS. I thank my friend for yielding.

I think if we went into any shopping mall or restaurant in America today and asked people who aren't in politics, What would you like to see us do to help put people back to work?, they would say, Well, small businesses create three out of four jobs in the country. Why don't you help them? Why don't you make it so if they create jobs you cut their taxes? Why don't you make it so if they can't get loans, if they have good credit they can get loans and pay them back so it doesn't cost the Treasury anything? And why don't you do this in such a way that
doesn't add to the deficit, that you offset the cost of doing this by finding other savings to pay for it? Why don't you do that?

That's exactly what this bill does.

Now, I suspect that if the minority's not going to support this bill, it has more to do with the calendar than the content of the bill. In 40 days the voters are going to the polls. And the other side has decided to run their campaign on the basis that nothing good is happening. That's their judgment. We're making a different judgment here: helping small businesses by cutting their taxes, helping small businesses by making credit available to creditworthy borrowers, and helping the American people by creating jobs in a way that doesn't increase the deficit.

Our friends on the other side, Madam Speaker, say there's a climate of fear in Washington. Maybe people are justifiably afraid out in the country that the other side wants to do nothing but say ``no.'' We should vote ``yes'' on this bill.


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