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Issue Position: Illegal Immigration

Issue Position

Location: Unknown

Many Americans have concluded that the Federal Government is not serious about stopping immigrants from illegally entering our country. While the president is right that you cannot totally secure the borders, we can do a whole lot more than what is currently being done.

Along with border security, I have a three-point plan, as follows:
1. Companies hiring illegal immigrants must receive stronger penalties and
enforcement of laws preventing them from hiring illegal immigrants.
2. The United States needs a fraud-proof ID card that clearly allows employers to know who is legal.
3. Revise the current immigration law to allow more non-US citizens to temporarily work as guests in the United States legally. This program would allow manual workers to enter the United States to fill temporary employment needs. Once the job is complete, they must return home. [1]

[1] "Obama Courts Latinos by Suing Arizona," editorial column,, June 26, 2010, Dick Morris and Eileen McGann.

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