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Costa Fails to Defend Valley Water User

Press Release

Location: Hanford, CA

In a recent letter to Westside water users, ultra-liberal Rep. George Miller, chairman of the House Democratic Policy Committee, blasts Valley farmers and towns for having "extra federal water delivered" despite three years of regulatory induced drought. "George Miller has always and will always be against Valley farming and Valley water users, but that's not the problem. The problem is where is Jim Costa? Why isn't he defending our Valley by standing up to George Miller? Currently, one party's interest is all that counts." asks Andy Vidak candidate for California's 20th Congressional district.

Speaker Pelosi's former employer & mentor, Miller has been an ardent opponent of water deliveries to Valley farms and communities. Miller's letter hints at new restrictions to Valley water supplies. "What hope is there for people in food lines when their own representative won't stand up to these endless threats?" Vidak continued "Real leadership will produce real results; protecting our Valley water supply, and putting our farms & communities back to work. Being a leader means defending our Valley by speaking the truth, even to your own party leaders."

Due to environmental regulations restricting the Valley's water supply, the 20th district has endured unemployment levels from 16-40% in the last year, nearly half a million acres of farm land fallowed, with devastating effects on local economies. "This is all for show. By attacking the Valley, Miller gets to look good to his base in the Bay Area. Costa may challenge Miller this time, attempting to get good reviews for this election season, but he has never been and will never be effective on behalf of our Valley," observed Vidak "Next year continues to be filled with the fear that we may not have a reliable water supply because of overzealous environmental regulation and the lack of effective representation. None of this should have been allowed to happen. It's time for balance in our government, real representation, and our voice to be heard."

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