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Issue Position: Creating New Jobs

Issue Position

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John wants to help small businesses -- not big government -- create new jobs without raising taxes or increasing spending. Boehner's plan -- encapsulated on the "Pledge to America" -- would stop all of the jobs-killing tax hikes, give small businesses a tax deduction equal to 20 percent of their income, and require Congressional approval of any federal regulations with an economic impact of at least $100 million.

John has also called "for elimination of the so-called 1099 mandate, which would require some employers to disclose anything they buy in excess of $600." He has been an ardent opponent of a jobs-killing "cap and trade" national energy tax, and is fighting to repeal ObamaCare and replace it with reforms that will lower costs for families and small businesses, and protect jobs.

Earlier this year, Boehner -- who opposed the trillion-dollar "stimulus" that didn't work -- crafted an alternative "no cost" plan to help create new jobs.

As John sees it, one of the biggest threats to the economy right now is uncertainty -- uncertainty over taxes, over regulations, over the future. John's plans will help provide job creators with the certainty they need to invest, grow, and hire new workers.

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