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Issue Position: Cutting Taxes for Families and Businesses

Issue Position

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The recent Democrat takeover of Congress has made clear the difference between where liberal and conservatives want to take the American economy.

Democrats have proposed record tax increases and record level of government spending in their effort to, as one might put it, tax-and-spend our way to prosperity.

Jim Jordan believes the economy grows and jobs are created under conservative economic policies that include lower taxes, limited government spending, reasonable regulation, and incentives for families and businesses to save and invest for the future. On cutting taxes and putting more money into the hand of families and taxpayers, Jim Jordan has put his words into action.

Jordan's first legislative floor action as a member of Congress was to speak out against Democrat "Pay-Go" rules that have since led to a number of Democrat tax hike proposals that, if passed, would have a detrimental effect on our economy.

Jordan offered legislation to extend the lower income tax rates created by the tax cuts of 2001 and 2003 beyond 2010, when they are currently set to expire. The amendment was defeated by Democrats on a party-line vote.

Jordan supported a conservative budget alternative that extended the 2001 and 2003 income tax cuts, and protected the $1,000 per child tax credit, marriage penalty relief, phaseout of the death tax, and reduced tax rates on capital gains and dividends. This proposal was also defeated by Democrats on a party-line vote.

Jordan has also co-sponsored a number of bills to reduce taxes, protect tax credits, and otherwise return money to its rightful owners: the American taxpayer.

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