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Issue Position: Ensuring Homeland Security and National Defense

Issue Position

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The reality of the post-9/11 world requires Congress to make an unprecedented investment of policy, tactics and resources to provide for our national defense and homeland security.

Democrat leaders have too often used homeland security and national defense as a pawn in their attempt to gain political power and advance their liberal agenda. They have tried to implement what they call a "slow-bleed strategy" to end the war on terror by cutting off funds for our troops in harm's way.

Jim Jordan believes that once our troops are on the field of battle, America owes them our full support and protection until they return home upon completion of their mission.

Jordan further believes that homeland security and national defense are two of the most important roles of our federal government, and he fully supports Congressional commitments to ensuring that these priorities are met.

Jordan supported appropriations for defense, military construction and homeland security that help accomplish these goals.

Jordan also supports full funding for both soldiers and veterans.

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