Issue Position: National Security

Issue Position

By:  John McCain III
Location: Unknown

Strengthening America's National Security

America faces a bright future in the 21st century, but many foreign challenges threaten our prosperity and security in the coming decades. From the persistent threat of violence by belligerent dictators to the terror sewn by radical Islamic extremism, America needs experienced leadership to confront these myriad challenges. John McCain has been a leader on national security issues for decades, and his judgment in the Senate will be essential as the new administration addresses the national security priorities of our nation.

When America's mission in Iraq was most imperiled, John McCain remained committed to achieving success in one of the defining national security challenges of our time. While many declared the mission lost, John McCain fought to change the flawed strategy that was allowing America's gains in the region to falter. John McCain helped change America's approach to the war by outlining a new strategy for our efforts in Iraq, implemented by new leadership, including General David Petraeus. The result has been a new climate of security and opportunity for the Iraqi people. While great progress has taken place since the "surge" strategy was implemented, John McCain will fight to ensure we do not squander the success that has been so hard won by America's troops. He will continue to work with the administration to ensure our goal to transition security operations to the Iraqi people in a safe manner, and to allow our American troops to return home in victory and with honor.

Afghanistan served as the cradle for the most devastating attack on American soil in our long history. John McCain has long sought to strengthen our efforts to ensure that Afghanistan never serves as a safe haven for terror again. John McCain has advocated for a sustained commitment to success in Afghanistan with additional resources and a comprehensive counterinsurgency strategy. He will continue to work with the Administration to guide our nation's recommitment to win the peace in Afghanistan. John McCain knows that our new strategy will demand close cooperation with our Pakistani partners, and that we must remain committed to assisting them in their own struggles with the forces of violent Islamic extremism that threaten their legitimate government.

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