Issue Position: Homeland Security

Issue Position

By:  John McCain III
Location: Unknown

Protecting Our Borders and Our Homeland

Immigration poses a unique challenge to the state of Arizona. John McCain has always believed that our borders must be secure and that the federal government has utterly failed in its responsibility to do so. The recent outbreak in violence on our southern border increasingly threatens the safety and well-being of the citizens of Arizona and all Americans. Our first priority must be to assure the integrity of our southern border while providing robust assistance to Mexico to stem the threat of drug cartel and human smuggling violence. This is an essential first step in moving forward with a comprehensive solution to our border security and immigration challenges.

Border Security
John McCain is committed to securing our borders. A secure border is an essential element of our national security and the economic well-being of Arizona and its citizens. With Phoenix ranking second only to Mexico City for the largest number of kidnappings for any city in the world, the recent outbreak in violence on our southern border demands immediate action.

We can further strengthen our border security if we pursue policies that recognize the importance of building strong allies in Mexico and Latin America who support freedom and democracy and seek strong domestic economies with abundant opportunities for their citizens.

John McCain does not support amnesty and believes that we should not reward lawbreakers. Any measure designed to fix the broken immigration system must deal with the undocumented population, and as we all know, this is very difficult challenge that attracts a wide range of diverse views and opinions. We need a practical solution for dealing with undocumented immigrants currently living and working in our country and that solution must be carried out in a manner that fosters the social, economic, and security interest of the United States.

Economic Prosperity

Our policies must promote robust economic growth -- keeping government spending in check, holding down taxes, and cutting unnecessary regulatory burdens -- so American businesses can continue to grow and prosper. These policies must recognize the importance of a flexible labor market to keep employers in business and our economy growing and to provide skilled workers with opportunities. John McCain believes an essential component of any comprehensive reform to America's immigration policy must include the implementation of temporary worker programs that reflect the labor needs of Arizona and the United States in the high-tech, low skilled, and agricultural sectors while protecting employment opportunities for US workers.

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