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Issue Position: Jobs and the Economy

Issue Position

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In Congress leaders have put forth a so-called jobs plan that includes higher taxes, more spending, record debt, more regulations and government-run health care.

That's not a plan to create jobs and jump-start our ailing economy.

I believe I have a better plan for our economy.

First, let's pass meaningful tax relief for individuals and businesses. This includes renewing the expiring Bush tax cuts. And we should pass additional relief for small businesses to expand and hire.

Second, let's provide assistance for those struggling to find employment. Did you know that the federal government taxes unemployment benefits at 11 percent? That's wrong. Let's make unemployment benefits tax-free in 2010.

Third, let's stop the spending and start paying down our national debt. The president and Speaker of the House want to take TARP dollars and use them for more spending. I want to take TARP dollars and left-over funds from the $1 trillion stimulus and pay down our national debt.

And finally, let's pass real reforms to curb frivolous lawsuits. Whether it's the high cost of medical malpractice insurance or businesses concerned about product liability, frivolous lawsuits put a drag on our economy by driving up the cost of doing business.

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