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Issue Position: Jobs & Growth

Issue Position

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Vicky Hartzler. Jobs and Growth. Now!

A Common Sense and Conservative Pro-Jobs Plan from One of Us: Stop the Spending and Job-Killing Taxes. Lower Taxes for Main Street Job Creators, Families. Real Jobs for Those Hit by Pink Slips Under Ike Skelton.

The Fourth District is suffering from jobless rates among the worst in Missouri. Vicky Hartzler is fed up with liberal Washington's reckless, harmful and failed anti-jobs policies imposed by Ike Skelton, Nancy Pelosi, and Barack Obama.

A proven job creator, Vicky knows what must be done to fix what is broken in Washington. The disaster of "ObamaNomics" from liberal incumbent Congressman Skelton and Speaker Pelosi must be halted now. They are putting our very country and our future at risk.

When it comes to jobs, Vicky Hartzler knows what will work. It is free enterprise and the proven genius of America. It is not the reckless federal spending, job-destroying tax increases, bailouts for irresponsible decisions, and ruinous deficits and debt backed by the liberal-voting Ike Skelton.

Unable to defend his failed policies, 34-year incumbent Ike Skelton is in hiding. He refuses to stand side by side with Vicky, make his case, and join her in taking people's questions. Where is the accountability? As a fearful Ike Skelton stonewalls, the human tragedy for jobless dads, moms and families grinds forward.

If entrusted with our vote in the U.S. House, Vicky Hartzler will start on Day One, in January 2011, VOTING to build a future of growth and opportunity for Americans and their families.

There are many clear differences between Vicky and career politician Skelton. None is MORE important to Missourians than ending the jobs crisis.

Skelton has no clue about how to create jobs. His 95% Nancy Pelosi voting record proves this, plus his four votes to put Nancy Pelosi in control of the House (January 2003, 2005, 2007, 2009). Further, as someone on a public official salary since 1957 and a lifetime career politician, he has zero working knowledge of private employment, Main Street business, or farming, the cornerstone of our district economy. It is tragic that he has voted every step of the way for the failed policies that made this recession worse than it ever needed to be, and are putting a wet blanket on recovery and private jobs.

Ike Skelton squandering of the Fourth district's vote is part of the problem. He voted "Yes' on record-shattering deficits and debt, the waste and failure of the so-called "stimulus," heavy new taxes on families and job-creating businesses, new federal red tape and mandates, the Wall Street bailout and the other bailouts, and billions in domestic pork barrel spending. Under Skelton's wrong-way and failed economic policies, we will never see the end of these job-killing, dream-killing jobless rates. Any common sense about jobs that Ike Skelton picked up on the way has been lost as he pursued his long Washington career.
Basic planks in the Vicky Hartzler plan to restart the great American jobs machine:

The U.S.A. has been the job-creating envy of the world because free enterprise works. We know this as Americans from long and proven experience. Vicky's plan is for family-supporting jobs and paychecks urgently needed across the Fourth District. Most of us would call these ideas basic common sense from Heartland America, but Ike Skelton, Nancy Pelosi, and President Obama disagree.

First, slam the brakes on the Pelosi-Skelton runaway spending, red ink, and public debt. Freeze non-defense discretionary domestic spending, with necessary exceptions including protection of seniors and veterans. Repeal the remaining "stimulus" pork barrel that promised a ceiling of 8% unemployment, but has delivered 10% unemployment, with pink slips as far as the eye can see. These should be priorities for fast action in 2011, but they aren't enough.

Vicky also calls for an immediate vote on a federal Balanced Budget Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Washington can't be trusted with budget rules that it can violate as it chooses. Missouri is in much better fiscal shape than many states in part because we have a state balanced budget requirement in the Missouri Constitution. When approved by Congress, the Balanced Budget Amendment would go to the states for ratification (3/4 of states needed, or 38).

Second, stop the drive for even more taxes on people and businesses. The Skelton-supported budgets call for the largest tax increase ever, in January 2011, by killing the tax relief for all Americans that was enacted beginning in the 1990s. The liberal budget now in place expects a family of four earning $50,000 to pay $2,900 per year in additional taxes. They don't get it! We already pay too much in taxes.

To end the uncertainty that is helping throttle the natural energy of the economy, Vicky will stand foursquare against any effort to revive the Skelton-voted national energy tax ("cap and trade"). This second massive tax hike threatens the loss of $426 million in Fourth District income in just the first year, 2012, and the loss of 3,909 non-farm jobs, with as many as 58,900 lost jobs across Missouri. Along with job-killing new energy taxes would come vast new power and controls over the economy by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

When Skelton gave our vote to Pelosi for cap and trade, people across the district couldn't believe it. Ike Skelton's vote for cap-and-trade -- or cap and tax -- is one of the reasons the Missouri Farm Bureau, the state's largest farm group, repudiated Skelton as bad for Missouri agriculture and endorsed Vicky Hartzler for Congress.

Third, cut taxes on job creators. For immediate action, Vicky supports a Republican proposal for a small business tax deduction of 20% to provide entrepreneurs and Main Street job creators with capital for expansion and new jobs. But that isn't enough. Vicky also will strongly support the "death penalty" for the "death tax;" estate tax repeal should be permanent.

Government red tape can be as deadly to our jobs as more taxes. The repeal and replacement of government run health care will improve health care and reduce costs, but also will prevent major new costs for employers. This action certainly will include repeal of ObamaCare's unbelievable mandate that every small business file a Form 1099 for every purchase above $600.

Fourth, create a business environment of certainty and stability by having government get out of the way of the free enterprise system. Washington has created an unstable economic climate that is stifling business growth. Entrepreneurs and business owners don't know what the rules will be in the future as the liberal leadership continues to impose one onerous mandate after another. Government needs to reduce regulations, support business expansion and growth, allow business owners to keep more of their money so they can reinvest and create new jobs. If the government just gets out of the way, business will thrive once again.

Where real jobs are born is no mystery to Vicky Hartzler. She grew up on a farm. She is the co-owner of a family business that is providing real jobs for 50 Missourians in three communities. She helps run their diversified family farm in southern Cass County. And she taught home economics.

In home economics class, Vicky told her students that Step One is balancing income and spending. If you earn $2,000 per month, you can't spend $3,000. What about this does Washington not understand?

Vicky Hartzler knows why America's economy has been the leader of the world for generations. America's genius is freedom, hard work, education, and enterprise. After the plain and terrible failure of Skelton's chosen policies, we know too well that printing press money, borrowing more money from China, pork barrel spending, "stimulus" bills and broken promises of jobs will not work and must not continue.

The first step to jobs, growth, and economic recovery begins on Election Day, November 2, when the Constitution provides the people with the power to chart a new course for the United States of America.

For further information and reading:

* State ratification of amendments is set by Article V.

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