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Pledge to America...


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I am sure many of you have heard about the House Republican "Pledge to America" that was released September 23, 2010. The press immediately attacked the "Pledge" as nothing new and the same things we have been hearing for years. I agree, it is nothing new. People have been saying these things to me in home meetings, at events, on the phone, door to door and in hallway conversations for the past year. This is nothing new, it is the same thing normal people outside of politics have been screaming for months; we want Congress to live right and do right.

The "Pledge" priorities are simple: jobs, cut spending, repeal and replace ObamaCare, reform how Congress works and focus on national security. But the answers are not focused on creating more national government control; it is focused on creating less federal control and more local control.

There is a dramatic difference between Republicans and Democrats. Republicans want the decisions that affect Oklahoma to be made in Oklahoma; Democrats trust the leadership in Washington DC to make the decisions for every state. The "Pledge" puts the focus on Oklahoma, not Washington DC.

I am just like you…

I am frustrated with the solutions and behavior of Congress.
I am doing more than talking about my frustration; I am doing something about it.
I am praying that the United States awakens from our complacency and we get back to work.

This is a critical moment in our history, every election and Congressional action matters.

I encourage you to read the "Pledge to America" and send me your thoughts by posting a comment. I see many things that were left out, but it is a good start for a long journey back to the America we recognize. Here is the link:

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