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WALB - 'Fire Pelosi' Bus Tour Stops in Albany

News Article

Location: Albany, GA

By Karen Cohilas

The Republican National Committee wants you to hop on their bus. RNC leaders are touring the country with the Fire Pelosi Bus Tour. They stopped in Albany Tuesday to support 2nd Congressional District candidate Mike Keown.

They say the first step in firing House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is to fire Congressman Sanford Bishop. When Mike Keown, a Baptist preacher from Coolidge, entered the Second District race, he wasn't even a blip on the republican party's radar. But recently, he was bumped up to Young Gun status. That means party leaders now think he has a chance of winning in November.

It's a big bus, with an obvious mission. "We're on the fire Pelosi bus," said Alec Poitevint.

But in order to fire Nancy Pelosi, the House has to have a major shift in party makeup, ousting democrats, like Sanford Bishop. Mike Keown said, "We're gonna do what they said can't be done."

Keown, a Baptist preacher and state Representative, says he believes the November election will be a defining moment in this nation's history. "When we really decide where we're going as a country for the next 5, 10, 15, 20 years."

And the Republican National Committee is throwing its support behind Keown.

Poitevint said, "He's the real thing. He's not a phony and we don't think he'll change when he goes to Congress. When he comes home, he'll still be one of us in Southwest Georgia."

And Alec Poitevint says more than republicans are interested in getting Keown into office. He said, "It's not just republicans. It's independents, it's tea party activists, it's people who are involved in churches, involved in community activities all across this district. They're people who know we do not have effective representation and they need it."

And Keown says he's the man for the job. "I think people look at me and they just see I'm a regular person. I mean with me, what you see is what you get."

And he says when you need something, you'll be able to get in touch with him. He said, "I'll be accessible. People can get a hold of me and I'll try to help them all I can."

Especially if they help him get to Washington to be the voice of the district.

The Fire Pelosi bus just kicked off its nationwide tour on September 15th. It will be traveling the country through the November 2nd election.

The bus made three stops in Georgia. In addition to Albany, it also visited Macon and Statesboro. The next stop is Montgomery, Alabama.

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