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Issue Position: Health Care

Issue Position


Congressman Quigley is proud to support the historic health care reform package that will extend health care coverage to 32 million Americans including 70,000 of his constituents. He believes that comprehensive health care reform is vital to our citizens and future prosperity of the nation. Although the health care bills passed by Congress will go a long way toward mending our broken system, Mike knows that this is just the beginning of its reform.

The Mike Quigley Health Care Agenda

Making health insurance affordable and accessible to all Americans:

First and foremost, Mike Quigley knows we need an overhaul of our health insurance system that will provide affordable, accessible health care for all Americans. This can be accomplished by building upon-not tearing down-our pre existing health care system, while utilizing the doctors, providers and plans already in place. Government needs to step in to provide solutions for those who lack full coverage, while not disrupting care for those who are satisfied with their current plan. Mike Quigley will work to support President Obama's initiative to provide a range of affordable private insurance options based on the same benefits that he would receive as a member of Congress.

Ensure that Health Insurance is Portable:

Americans should be able to change jobs without fear of losing their health insurance. Mike Quigley will work to require that all insurance providers allow for portability of their insurance.

Ensure that Health Insurance Covers Pre-Existing Conditions:

Mike Quigley will work to reform the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act to mandate full coverage of pre-existing conditions.

Expand Coordination of Care and Preventive Care:

Ten percent of our chronic diseases account for 90% of our health care costs. Expanding preventive care will help reduce our health care costs by preventing these diseases before they begin.

Help Small businesses Afford Health Insurance for their Employees:

Congressman Quigley will work with President Obama to support his proposal for a new Small Business Health Tax Credit. This credit would allow a refundable tax credit to small businesses on a portion of their health insurance premiums for their employees.

Lowering Health Care Costs:

Congressman Quigley will push for lower health care costs by pursuing new health information technology services, and investing in bold new prevention and care coordination initiatives. This includes full support for modernizing medical record keeping to lower costs while making the entire health care system more efficient. Mike will also push to lower prescription drug prices by negotiating the costs of prescription drugs for seniors.

Public Health:

Mike Quigley understands that the key to good public health is prevention and early detection. He will work in Congress to pass legislation that requires the coverage or preventative services under insurance plans, and that supports public health programs.

The Mike Quigley Record of Accomplishment on Health Care

Mike Quigley has a proven record of encouraging public health on the local level, and has continued this focus during his first year in Congress. Over the past year, Mike has voted for the House Healthcare Bill created a healthcare advisory council in his district to gather local input on healthcare issues and has supported efforts to consider the needs of small businesses when developing a surtax.

Mike has also cosponsored the Breast Cancer Protection Act, Nurse and Health Care Worker Protection Act and Community Choice Act.

In 2005, as Cook County Commissioner, Mike proposed and passed a secondhand smoke ban, which prohibited smoking indoors throughout Cook County. Soon after, his legislation led to a similar state-wide ban that prevented smoking in public places, places of employment, government vehicles and within 15 feet of any entrance to a public place.
As Cook County Commissioner, Mike worked to expanded health care services and provide funds to Access to Care, a primary health care program serving low-income uninsured individuals in suburban Cook County, Illinois and in Northwest Chicago. He has fought for increased access to reproductive healthcare for all women throughout Cook County and helped secure county funding to provide enhanced medical and legal services for rape victims at Stroger Hospital.

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