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House Affirms Importance of Fathers


House affirms importance of fathers

Congressman co-sponsored House-passed measure

Washington-Congressman Joe Pitts (R, PA-16) today praised House passage of H.Res. 66, a bill that affirms the importance of fathers in their own families and communities. The bill passed by voice vote this evening.

"The effects of growing up without a father are becoming clear," said Congressman Pitts. "Fathers who are engaged and active in the lives of their children have more stable homes, healthier relationships with their children, and more successful children.

"But when a family breaks apart in divorce, children most often live with their mother. The efforts of these brave women to raise healthy children are made all the more difficult in the absence of the children's dad. Fatherlessness is a threat to kids we can no longer afford to ignore," said Congressman Pitts.

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