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Issue Position: The Economy and Jobs

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All you have to do is talk with friends and neighbors to figure out that while Washington may be telling us the recession is "over,' good-paying jobs are still very hard to find. To me, it's great that Washington and Wall Street issue little charts with arrows going up, but the recession isn't over until every American that wants to work can find a job. I have have talked with a lot of people throughout North County who are living on their IRA's or savings - some have even been forced to declare bankruptcy. San Diego is in the midst of double-digit unemployment, and this is very real to many people.

First and most important, government does not create jobs - small business owners and entrepreneurs do. The best way for the government to encourage small business owners and entrepreneurs to start hiring again is to create growth and hiring incentives by reducing the burden of government on thier activities - not to increase taxes on them, as Washington is currently planning.

We've already spent trillions of dollars bailing out Wall Street and "stimulating" the economy. The net result: a few people got very rich and many continue to lose jobs. Now the liberals are talking about another multi-billion dollar "stimulus' paid for with deficit spending, of course. I have fought and will continue to fight against any further bailouts.

I believe the American Dream is making sure opportunity is available to every American who dreams big and works hard, and it is our duty to make sure future generations have this opportunity - not a giant debt passed down from a generation that had every opportunity and squandered them all. The best way that the government can kickstart this economy is for Washington to stop thinking that bigger government is the answer for everything. Instead, Washington should simply set the American innovator and the American worker free by ending the over-taxation, over-regulation, and over-litigation that is stifling our economy.

That's how government can help restore opportunity and the American Dream.

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